Team: This was an individual project
Role: UI Designer/Developer, Digital Media Manager
Duration: 2 Months
Summary: This design provides a local construction company a simple and direct web presence that provides service information and creates a specific call to action for visitors to engage with the company. Utilizing Adobe XD, Dreamweaver, and design tools, the project focused on developing skills for front end interface design and development.
For this project, I used Adobe XD to create a digital prototype of the site to show my manager and get critique. With Adobe Dreamweaver's developer mode to build the site using HTML/CSS and expand my skills as a front end developer. Alongside my work as UX designer/developer, I filled a role as the communications and brand manager for the summer by updating current, and providing new levels of social media influence for the company.
Problem Space:
An outdated site with incorrect information is never what someone wants to see, as a business owner or a user. This company has had trouble keeping up with their digital profile, and asked that 'everything' be updated. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day, and the website, their business profiles, and the office organization were the key points that needed to be addressed for future iterations to be effective.
The owner of the company had a site that he liked, and was useful for his needs, so the goal was not to build something that was flashy, but something that had a similar feel to the last site, with a more modern look and feel. Utilizing flat design, the tone of the site is meant to be function over fashion. It gives users the ability to reach out at any point by keeping important information present, but guides them through information about the company, such as its services and past work as well.
This project was truly a learning process for me from start to finish. This past summer was meant to be my 'summer of skills' as I sought opportunities to grow in places I knew I needed. Coming into the summer, I had little experience with HTML/CSS, and a lot of experience with user research, which was an interesting challenge as the focus was creating a site the owner wanted. Over the course of the summer I was able to work on design, and it became abundantly clear that I needed to design with my skills in mind, so I designed minimally as I was still learning HTML/CSS. This expanded my understanding of working with the constraints of designing not only with users, but developers in mind.

Throughout the project I kept a XD file up to date, and designed the site prior to building it in order to show my manager how the experiences of interacting with the site might look like for a guest.

The home screen is probably the most important on the site as the owner wanted the header to have his information, and the tagline "Where Time & Quality Meet" to feature prominently.

Each service was given a mirrored icon that helps visualize the work that Big Ben Builders can do. By minimizing extra information we guide the guest to a clearer understanding of the purpose of the company.

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